Event organising

So you’re looking to organise an event? I find myself repeating the following to everyone who is looking to put on a big conference. This is a very generic starter for 10. Please add your top tips to the comments! I’d always recommend checking your idea in with technw.uk organisers to make sure you’re not… Read More Event organising


Hire me!

It is with a heavy heart that last week I handed in my resignation at Allegro Networks. I’ve been with the company for two years, watching it grow from Andy D‘s idea of a startup, to a network, to a product, to acquisition by IIX in Silicon Valley. It’s time for me to take on a… Read More Hire me!

#dddx Eric Evans – DDD and Microservices: At last , some boundaries!

Firstly Eric began explaining how microservices talk to each other by using Context Maps. He described a microservice as a part of the system run by an autonomous team, with boundaries between each one. Messages are sent between the services in the language of each context. Eric then went on to explain all the different… Read More #dddx Eric Evans – DDD and Microservices: At last , some boundaries!

#dddx Domain Driven Development eXchange 12th June 2015

On Friday I went to the DDD conference put on by Skills Matter. It was an excellent conference and perfectly aligned with the work we’re currently doing at Allegro. I tweeted a lot (as usual) but thought it would be handy to put some notes into a blog https://skillsmatter.com/conferences/6453-ddd-exchange-2015 You can either read my series… Read More #dddx Domain Driven Development eXchange 12th June 2015

Bug Free Code

For the last two years at Allegro we’ve been working with No Backlog. When I share the experience of this with people they often ask “what about the bugs?” and my response “we don’t have bugs”. On reflection this sounds really conceited! I don’t mean that I write perfect, bug free code. I’m not saying… Read More Bug Free Code