#dddx Domain Driven Development eXchange 12th June 2015

On Friday I went to the DDD conference put on by Skills Matter. It was an excellent conference and perfectly aligned with the work we’re currently doing at Allegro. I tweeted a lot (as usual) but thought it would be handy to put some notes into a blog


You can either read my series of blog posts, or go watch all the talks here: https://skillsmatter.com/conferences/6453-ddd-exchange-2015#skillscasts. You have to sign up or login, but it’s free and Skillsmatter are pretty cool so go for it. Videos are n Vimeo HD so fire up the chromecast and watch it on the big telly.

The programme
The programme

First up was the author of Design Driven Development, the man himself, Eric Evans, talking about DDD and microservices (the hot new trend right now).

Second in line was Cyrille Martraire entertaining us with his talk “When DDD meets Documentation”.

Just before lunch was my favourite of the day. Scott Wlaschin on “Domain Driven Design with the F# type System”. For this talk I moved away from my notebook and on to twitter. Just watch the talk. It will explain Functional Programming, it shows how all the effort that Cyrille’s gone into with making documentation for Java and OO seem like overengineering! You’ll love it.

Lunch was pie and mash. Had a fantastic natter with Scott. He believes that soft skills are the most valuable tools in a developers armour. People and communication are the biggest problems we have deal with and solve..

After lunch I felt a bit uncomfortable during the BDD talk. Just seemed like the guy was trying too hard and after all the comic stuff I’ve done I’m really turned off by looking at blocks of text for scenarios and stories. Bleh. But that’s me!

David Dawson‘s talk on DDD and Microservices from the front line piqued my interest. I’ve asked him to set up a slack group to help all of us trying microservices! Because it is really hard! We’re on rewrite 2 at our place because we got a lot wrong whilst rushing to deliver the MVP and it’s too difficult to change. I like that with hindsight we can try again and learn from our mistakes.

remember!! Microservices don’t SHARE a database. They each have their own, or even none at all like David’s! View objects are built up and kept in memory by events. Blue green deploys and e-running events allow you to upgrade the service.

Udi’s presentation was entertaining. It’s good to watch with a few other geeks and over a couple of beers.

Speaking of which, I was left distraught when I discovered that SkillsMatter were ONLY serving beer! No wine for me! ) :

Finally we had the park bench, where a lot of intersting ideas and discussion came up. I think I’d like to watch this again on my big telly to full ingest.

Anyway – it was an ace conference, thoroughly enjoyable, met loads of interesting people and learned lots!

Here’s me and Eric Evans having a gin and tonic afterwards. I told him all about our project, and the interesting domain. It was lovely to have him interesting in hearing more about Allegro and be impressed at all the great stuff we’ve done!

me and Eric Evans
me and Eric Evans

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