Vegan friendly restaurants in Manchester

I’m out this weekend for the other half’s birthday meal. As we have a lovely vegan in the party, I thought it would be a good idea to look at options where we can all enjoy the food.

I know there are vegan specific venues, but to some that’s the equivalent of taking a vegan to a Brazillian BBQ.

This is a little list of restaurants with a decent vegan food choice if you’re in the same boat, and to help me out when I have vegan/vegetarian friends come visit. Please let me know if you find any more!

Name Cuisine Location Menu(s)
Mowgli Indian Street food Corn Exchange Menu separate whole vegan menu!
Dough Pizza Northern Quarter menu including vegan cheese and gluten free
Wahaca Mexican Corn Exchange menu
 Sweet Mandarin  Chinese  Northern Quarter  mains
Little Yang Sing Chinese China Town a la carte
vegetarian menu (lots of vegan choice)
Chaophraya Thai just off King/Cross Street a la carte
Ning Malaysian Northern Quarter menu
Pho vietnamese Corn Exchange menu

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